Data science + Cybersecurity

A combination of data visualization and machine learning for an all-in-one platform to quickly analyze, understand and prioritize your incidents.

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  • No-code UI
  • Self-service DataViz
  • Drag&Drop analytics


  • Realtime collaboration
  • One-click sharing
  • Automatic reporting


  • Recommendations
  • Scenario & Lead detection
  • Playbook detection


  • SIEM
  • CMDB
  • Threat Intel

A single source of truth for all your data

All your important data in one single place: logs from files and SIEMs, threat intel, ticketing, case management, messaging, etc.

Cyber analytics without the headache

No more click-o-drome with 200 open tabs. No need to configure endless indexes or choose the perfect pie chart. Dashboards? Where we're going we don't need dashboards.

Explore our latest dataset!

Explore our datasets and understand for yourself how the platform helps to discover and analyze cyber attacks.

Explore our latest dataset

A collaborative workspace

From cybersecurity experts to business services, from managers to executives: we help everyone follow the situation and stay up to date quick. Save time and make sure key information reaches the right people with automatic reporting and team sharing.

Your cybersecurity copilot

Wingman, copilote, skipper… your personal Jarvis keeps an eye on your blinds spots, recommends next steps to speed things up and will even help write the end report.

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